Zippo 1021250 Lighter High Polish Chrome_Parent

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  • Zippo lighter
  • Br housing, powder-coated
  • Matte black
  • Ignites in wind and weather
  • With world-renowned Zippo guarantee


Specificaties: Zippo 1021250 Lighter High Polish Chrome_Parent

Color Black matt
Size EinheitsgrÃße
Height 2.17 inches
Length 1.38 inches
Weight 91 Grams
Width 0.39 inches
Material type Br
Number of Blades 1
Number of Items 1
Number of Pieces 1
Power source FUEL
Batteries Included? No
Brand Zippo
Manufacturer Zippo
Item model number 218
Product Dimensions 3.5 x 1 x 5.5 cm, 75.98 Grams

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  1. Midgebear

    Way back in the mists of time (okay the late 1980s) I had a matte black Zippo lighter that was my best friend. Never let me down, even in the middle of a windy Festival field. Somewhere between getting married and birthing a sprog I lost the blinking thing. So, 26 years later and unable to kick the nicotine habit and getting increasingly sick of disposable lighters (not only do they have a habit of jamming the flint when still half full but they are plastic of a non-recyclable kind) I decided it was time to treat myself to a new Zippo. I did look at various designs and pricepoints but decided that I would go with a direct replacement for my old favourite and purchased a black matte lighter.

    I have to admit that the price did make me wonder if this would be a genuine Zippo, when I looked at them in a local shop even the basic versions (ie. no nice design or engraving) started at £30. I am relieved to report that it is very definitely a genuine product and the build quality that I remember is still there. The lighter units sits snuggly in it’s case and there is no lid or hinge movement when closed. Just waiting until I’ve had it 6 months and the hinge relaxes a little so you can flick it open with one wrist flick and then flick it closed again – annoying little habit but one I look forward to resurrecting.

    Comes with the wick ready threaded and a flint in place in a cardboard presentation box with guarantee. The box is nicely styled and does make it look special. You do need to provide the lighter petrol yourself (somehow I still had half a tin so didn’t need to purchase any) but it is readily available both online and at Tobacco kiosks and counters in Supermarkets. Filling it is easy, and easy to overfill too – I did and there was fuel on the case outer and inside the lid. Makes it fun those first couple of strikes as it will catch. However, despite having a little fire on the outside of the case it did not damage the finish which shows no sign of my clumsiness.

    In these days of Climate Change small changes can make a difference. So, if you are still a traditional cigarette or cigar smoker or like the Great Outdoors and usually carry a disposable plastic lighter one easy change is going to a sturdy, true refillable lighter (lets face it those plastic things have a butane refill port but who bothers to try?). A tried and tested brand that is functional but somehow manages to remain stylish and will last you for your lifetime (if you are careful and don’t lose it) has to be better than adding to landfill.

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  2. Rob H

    The price is fairly cheap but the quality is very low. I’ve had Zippo’s in the past and they’ve been superb but stupidly I’ve lost them so I thought I’d treat myself to a knew one. The problem is the new one is very cheap, the lid doesn’t close tightly and so fuel evaporation is an issue and it takes several strikes to light. At first I thought I’d bought a fake but it seems it’s genuine. Maybe you have to spend a lot more to actually get a decent one but I’ve been put off Zippo’s and will not be purchasing another one which is a shame because they have always been cool.

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  3. Sarah

    Speedy delivery, exactly as described. And having had a Zippo before, I avoided the problem some mention about it leaking. The trick is never overfill, and leave to breath for a bit before use, that way the petrol will soak into the wadding properly. A quality product and a very reasonable price.

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  4. Paul

    How many cheap plastic lighters do you buy and how long do they last, not to mention the money they cost. Add it up I did so I bought a zippo. Life time gaurentee, I’ve dropped mine quite a few times on hard surfaces and it lasted each knock and drop. Buy extra flints which are cheap, along with the fuel and away you go. Wind proof means no more looking to light your cig inside an open jacket. Forget buying the multi plastic lighters as they don’t last long. With so many designs you have are ally wide choice but I bought this one, so did my neiphew and he has the same opinion.

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  5. Scallophunter

    Zippo, what else can you say. The lighter for outside. Lights and works even in windy conditions. Far superior to those gas operated ‘blowtorch’ lighters if you need a lighter that works reliably outside. Only too much rain will stop it, if you allow the flint to become wet, but even in wet conditions it will work better than lighters with inferior flint mechanisms. All consumable parts are easily replaceable, cotton stuffing, wick, flints and obviously the lighter fuel.

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