Zippo 1026035 lighter 1935 replica with slashes

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  • Robust brass housing
  • Ignites in wind and weather
  • With world-renowned Zippo guarantee
  • unfilled


Specificaties: Zippo 1026035 lighter 1935 replica with slashes

Brand Zippo
Model Number 1935
Colour Replica.
Product Dimensions 6.05 x 2.24 x 8.26 cm, 20 Grams
Material Messing
Manufacturer Zippo
Item model number 1935

5 recensies voor Zippo 1026035 lighter 1935 replica with slashes

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  1. Mark

    I bought this as a gift. First of all, I could not believe the price, I thought zippos were a lot more expensive, and would have thought this 1935 replica would’ve been more expensive again, but I was wrong priced at around 20quid, I would’ve happily payed double.

    The product arrived promptly and is presented ina lovely vintage style box, replica 1935 is inside the box just above where the lighter sits.

    The lighter itself is around 1/8 smaller than a modern zippo, which I love and the slashes and that stylish Art Deco feel to the piece.

    Lovely smooth action on the lid and great to light and good flame to suit cigarette, cigar or pipe smokers alike, and just as good for those healither ones wanting to start a camp fire in the wilderness.

    I get the feeling this is the sort of lighter a gi would’ve used in the war.

    It really is a great piece, going to buy myself one and others in the replica collection too.

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  2. JCB 77

    I like this lighter. I chose it for the vintage aesthetic of the squat body, less-rounded edges and stylish corner slashes. The fit, finish and function are all of the good standard we expect from Zippo. The bit I like less is the three-barrel hinge. While the lid opens and closes perfectly well (nicely lined up with a firm, smooth action) when the lid is fully open, it is a bit wobbly at the hinge.

    Zippo highlights the three-barrel hinge in its list of features than make this lighter a 1935 replica. My note to fellow customers is that by going ‘retro’ you might be dialling out a later, more functional evolution.

    So, it’s a nice lighter and exactly as described, but I do feel like I will need to treat the hinge a bit more carefully than a current spec model. If you love the look (as I do) I recommend buying, but perhaps make sure you are happy with the hinge before fuelling up.

    Final note. A featured review for this product awards one star due to the lid not closing perfectly and describes it as a design flaw. As I said , mine closes perfectly, so there is nothing wrong with the design. The respective reviewer has clearly received a unit with a manufacturing flaw and, if it were mine, I would return it for repair/replacement/refund. Every mass production line will have a dud slip through quality control from time to time!

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  3. Other J

    So I have been an avid zippo user for the past 10 years or so, and have owned or currently own several. I tend to buy one a year – bit of a collector.

    I am currently using this one as my main lighter, and have been for several months. Overall I am impressed with this lighter but there are some issues which are worth flagging.

    In terms of functionality, it is exactly the same as any other zippo. It burns well, lights under any conditions, and feels solid in terms of quality. The retro design is subtly different to a modern zippo – it is notably shorter and a bit more “stubby”, and the hinge mechanism is exposed.

    In terms of issues – the old fashioned hinge while very cool feels a little less solid and more flimsy than the more modern design you would see on their armour zippos. Not like it’s about to break, but there is more play between the base and lid. Also, the lid and base don’t fully connect – there is a bit of a gap between the two, but I don’t think this affects the rate at which gas leaks out.

    But these two gripes don’t put me off the lighter – the aesthetics win and I’m still using it.

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  4. Mr T…

    It works great and looks very nice. My one is not defective like some others mentioned and the lid is flush with the rest of the case.

    I actually bought this for art purposes so I could see how light from a lighter or any light from a fire reacts on different surfaces or colouring in the glow effect correctly as well as adding the correct warmth, but I wanted it in a nice classical package that I could use as a decoration when i’m not using it. This fits the bill perfectly and works as it should. Of course it has other uses I want to use it for as I will use it as a replacement for matches in some circumstances to light candles or anything else. Just better to have something multipurpose too be honest in one small object.

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  5. Paddy Palmer

    Bought as a birthday gift for a young man who has a thing for retro zippos. If I’m completely honest, it was the box that clinched it for me. For some reason, I really like it. Anyway. The zippo. Arrived promptly, well packaged and without any damage or dents to zippo or the fancy box.
    The (standard) size of the lighter meant that there was plenty of room for an inscription to be engraved and, I have to admit, it looks pretty freakin awesome.
    The lifetime warranty is a major factor as it means that, theoretically, my nephew’s 18th birthday gift will last longer than me!

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